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Fueled by Popcorn Thoughts
I thought it would be things like seeing cute photos of Coda that would make me lose my head, but it's not. It's the times I am working in the kitchen and cannot turn my head because I know she won't be begging. Or when a skateboarder goes by and I still listen for a little woof. Or the comfort I felt when she'd sleep against my legs and I'd have to be careful when I turn over at night. Now, I just can't sleep without her distraction.

I cannot bring myself to write her obit.
@getsconed hold on for those reviews. Need to find a working comp tonight.
My comp just shut down in a bad way. Thanks mercury retrograde.
Done with the lawyer until friday. Woo hoo.
Goody Lyon was born a small, long haired dachshund and raised in La Quinta, California. He lived the life of luxury, eating whenever he wanted and sleeping all day long. His younger brother, Baily, a blond Wheaton Terrier, took care of Goody by grooming and protecting. Goody was never tethered roamed the whole house at his own pace and even had his own doggie door. Inside or outside - Goody was a free dog, in fact he never wore a collar until he was 13. At the age of 13 his long-term guardian, Bessie Lou Lyon, passed away and he was sent to live with family in Portland, Oregon, while his brother moved to Hood River, Oregon.

His new family, the Bolsh's, opened their hearts and arms to their new family member. The youngest member, and Goody's new sister, Coda, a black Cocker Spaniel, thought otherwise. She had a difficult time adjusting to a new life with a brother, but later came around as she learned the benefits of a companion to stay home all day with her. Goody also had a difficult time adjusting to his new life in the city without Bessie-Lou and Baily. However, he learned to eat and go outside on a set schedule, go for walks on a lease, and meet a plethora of new human friends who would shower him with love as they saw his sweet soul. Goody's biggest accomplishment during his 22 months with the Bolsh's, was the loss of over 20 pounds from his small frame which allowed him to go for walks to the park, climb stairs, jump, and even dance.

On December 24th Goody became paralyzed from the waist down which quickly degraded into pain. Surrounded by friends and family he was comforted until being provided the gift of ultimate peace early Christmas morning.

Goody brought added love and laughter into the Bolsh's home with his easy-going attitude and new perspective on life. Goody is survived by his adopted parents, Webly and Brian, his adopted sister, Coda.

May you rest in peace my Goody Boy.
Goody's legs stoppes working 5 hours ago. Possibly a stroke. We're at dove lewis.
The fog is setting in thick in noth portland. I enjoy the fog. It makes me feel quiet.
Pdx pho took too long to get me lunch so I had to go to the doctor on an empty belly. Grr.
We got drinking chocolate at cacao downtown and it's everything I want in a hot chocolate. Yum.
I am riding on a pillow of air. Woo hoo. Tomorrow is layoff day. This will be interesting...
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